Wednesday, January 10, 2018

10 Haircare products I use on my white hair

Hey guys!

It's been a while (half a year to be exact), I keep telling myself that I would take some time to work on my blog but that obviously never happened. Anyways, I'm back with some new ideas for future posts. As you probably noticed I changed quite a few things on here, I decided to come up with a new concept for this side. I want to focus on different things and change up what I put on here.

My recent trip to the hairdresser inspired me for today's topic. Ever since I started my hair dying process the products I use to keep my semi-dead hair somewhat healthy looking have changed.

So here we go :

  1. L'Oréal Paris Série Expert Silver Shampoo (link) : Platin is a really difficult color to take care of. There's always yellow parts shining trough and you never really get the right tone when you color-correct it. Your hair also looks different every day, there are days where I'm a blondie and days where it' just straight up purple and on occasions, it actually looks white-ish. I discovered this shampoo a few months ago when I went to my local salon, let me tell you this is some heavy duty stuff. I usually take a small amount of this and mix it with a regular shampoo, then I leave it in for 6-8 minutes and rinse it out. After this process, my hair is pretty purple but fades into a nice white tone after a couple of days. I tried a lot of silver shampoos, this gave me by far the best results. It does damage your hair a bit but color wise it's a gem. I make sure to use a lot of conditioner and hair oil after so it doesn't end up looking that dry.                                              
  2. Lush Daddy-O Silver Shampoo (link) : On days where I want my hair to get a tiny bit lighter I use this shampoo mixed with my everyday shampoo. It takes out a small amount of the yellow tones without changing the previous color too much. It's a nice product to use on a daily basis if you want to keep your hair the same tone. This is more of an everyday product then the Loreal shampoo and it does help with frizziness and dryness. The smell is pretty amazing too.
  3. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist Intensivkur (link) : At the beginning of my exchange I was struggling a bit the climatize change and it was affecting my skin and hair too, I was breaking out a bit and my hair wasn't used to the water so it kept feeling dirty and frizzy. After getting this mask my hair quickly got better and it balanced everything out. Now I like to bring this with me when I travel so I always have something that could save my hair in case it get's dry and looks unhealthy.
  4. OGX Argan Oil Morocco Intense moisturising treatment  (link) : This is just your basic average hair mask, it does the job and is really affordable too so perfect for weekly usage. But the reason I put this in here is that it leaves your hair with such a beautiful smell and a really nice healthy looking shine. Whenever I know I will be taking pictures the next day this is my go-to mask. It also doesn't suck any toner out of my hair which is a big deal since my hair gets this weird blond tone if the toner washes out.
  5. Coconut oil (link) : At this point, most people know about the befits of coconut oil, still I thought I should put this in here cause it just works wonders. When my hair is having a really tough moment the only thing that helps to bring it back to life is covering it in coconut oil, sleeping over it and praying to the hair gods that it will get better. I cover all of my hair in oil, wrap it up and leave it in overnight. That way the hair has enough time to suck up all the good oils it needs and then I just wash it as per usual.
  6. Bed Head Headrush shine adrenaline with a superfine mist (link) : After washing, color correcting, conditioning, moisturizing and blowdrying my hair I like to finish it off with a bit of this mist. It's the only purpose is to give a bit of shine and it smells amazing too so there's a plus. I also use this during the day sometimes just to freshen everything up.
  7. Moroccanoil Treatment Original (link) : This is something I use more during the summertime, spending the whole day in the sun effects not only your skin but also your hair, this oil treatment repairs damaged parts of your hair but also gives you protection for when you're in the sun so if you apply it twice a day you're good to go.
  8. Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo (link) : We all have those days where we just can't get ourselves to wash our hair and do all the blow dry, straighten etc stuff. On these days I use this dry shampoo, I massage the powder into my roots and try to make my hair look somewhat presentable. Since it Lush uses all natural products it does a great job with getting rid of the unpleasant smell and thanks, god gets rid of most of the grease that makes you look like a glazed doughnut.
  9. Garnier Fructis Marvellous Oil Deep Nourish (link) : After washing and towel drying my hair I put some of this oil on the ends of my hair and massage whats left on my hands more upwards tot he middle part of my head. It keeps my ends soft and helps with frizz and split ends, this also helps with brushing wet hair after it gets all tangled during the washing process.
  10. It's a 10 Miracle Leave-in Product (link) : Somedays when I need a little extra care I spray this all over my hair after using the Garnier hair oil. It just helps with a bunch of little things like adding shine and smoothes, controlling frizz, protecting hair color, detangling and protection from heat which is really important cause I always blow-dry my hair to get it straight, voluminous and soft.
Have a great day,