Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Happy easter 2016

Hello beautiful people of the internet 

It was easter on Sunday and today I want to tell you how I spend my day , I woke up early at about 9am then I took a shower and went downstairs, there was a yummy breakfast waiting for me , thank u mom . At 11am we went to church. For lunch we went to a restaurant in our little village called ,,Pöstli" , I had a mozzarella & tomatoes with rucola salad as my appetizer. Then a creamy mushroom risotto made his way to my place and for dessert I ended my lunch with some pistachio ice cream. With full tummies we went home and watched some easter movie, and yeah that was pretty much my Easter Sunday, how did you spend yours ? leave a comment down below and tell me what you did. 

btw, this is one of my favorite easter chocolate bunny from Lindt(find out more here)

Happy Easter 

have a great week
xoxo aquaross   

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Oh sunday! don't go away & lazy day ootd

Hello beautiful people of the internet.

Recently I thought about how often I blog and that I actually would like to write more post's so today we talk about SUNDAYS, yep I mean the last day of every week, the end of our long way.
I actually never liked sundays , they seemed useless to me , all shops are closed ,you can't stay up late because Monday is around the corner and you're also depressed because the week begins tomorrow . But recently I seem to enjoy this day . I often go to the city even when the shops are closed ,you will always find a small cafe where you can get something to drink. So with my drink in one hand and my camera in the other one I walk around and just relax and enjoy the silence .The secret is when you go somewhere , where it actually would be nice you often don't think so because it's full of people rushing trough by car or running to catch there busses but if you go there again when everybody else doesn't, you will start to appreciate the beauty of the place and you will see a lot more then you normally would, because there isn't anything else you have to concentrate about. I especially like to walk along the river rhein, or going into the woods with a friend.
This sunday I had a really yummy breakfast with my friend Margaux (her instagram here) and after filling our hungry bellies we took a walk, we live near the woods so there are always nice places to take pictures.

Flower crown : Primark 2014 (primark jewelry)
Canon instax mini 8 : (here)


Happy me


Can we just take a moment to appreciate how my hair look in this picture:)


This is something I would normally wear on a lazy sunday.

Dress : Abercrombie & Fitch (similar here) this is one of the most comfortable clothing item I own

Bag : H&M (similar here) this bag goes literally with everything

Shoes : adidas (here) I got these for my birthday and I never wore any other shoes since I got them

Sunglasses : don't remember :)

Ring : Italy

Oh and I also had my A&F perfume on : (here)

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Have a great week
xoxo Aquaross. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

DM haul + new shoes

Hello beautiful people of the internet.

today I went to Germany with my dad and brother to do a little bit of shopping.
We went to a store called DM which sells all cosmetic stuff .
I bought a few things , and I also got a new pair of shoes from a store in the same mall.
Here is was I got :)


1.The first things I got were these two spray-shampoos from ''bilou'' , a brand from a German youtuber.
I'm not really into her videos but I heard a lot about these products so let's give them a try and see how good they are.

2. I really needed some shower gel for my dad's place so I chose this lime and aloe vera one.It smells nice and does the job.

3. Next are these two essie nail polishes , in Switzerland they are way to expensive but in Germany I got a great deal on them , 7 euros each. 

link to the nailpolish here 

 I chose the colors big spender (left) and eternal optimist (right).

the darker one here

4. I recently ben drinking a lot of green tea , so I bought more of it. 
this one is from ''Alnatura''.

5. Since I don't want to take all the skin care stuff with me when I sleep at my dad's place , I got some makeup remover wipes , just so I can at least take of that makeup after a long day.
These are some bebe ones.

6. I already have five eos's but because they were so cheap there I couldn't resist, so I picked up this raspberry one.

7. I've been looking for these everywhere for so long, the products are bit on the pricier side but what I heard and how they look like ,I think they will work great.
And can we just take a moment to look at ogx's satisfying packaging (* deep breath*).

these are from the coconut water line.

and I also bought the argan oil /morocco shampoo and conditioner. 

New shoes

While we were walking around in the mall , I came across this tiny shoe store from the outside it didn't seem really special but inside they were so many beautiful shoes at pretty cheap prices. I saw these brown boots and they fit perfectly, that small but still eye catching heal gives an elegant look, and they are comfortable too so that always a plus.

mine are a size 38.

So that's all I got that day, I hope you enjoyed this post.
Thank you for spending a bit of time with me and have a great week.
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xoxo Aquaross