Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day Special // Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Review

Hello, beautiful people of the internet.
First of all 

Happy Valentine's Day!

In march too faced came out with the sweet peach eyeshadow palette.
It's ben sold out everywhere since day one ( it has been restocked), and a must have for every makeup enthusiast.
Luckily enough I got my hands on one a few months ago and today I'm going to introduce it to you.


As always we got blessed with one of too faced's spectacles packagings.
The palette is in this orange/ pink box with golden letters. The back is showing the colors with the matching names a description. Since the theme is ¨sweet peach¨ all shadows have a peachy/ vanilla scent which is a nice little extra.


You get 18 different shades, going from shimmery white to deep glittery plum. Peachy pinks and beautiful browns allow you to create many different looks, pops of green and orange can be found too. Texture wise the shadows are soft and apply easily. The shadows are metallics, sparkly, and matt.

Since I've had this palette I discovered two looks I like to create on an everyday basis, here they are!

Light shimmer
put ¨nectar¨on 1 ¨luscious¨ on 2 ,¨caramelizied¨ on 3 and 4 and mix ¨caramelized¨ with ¨peach pit¨ for 5.

Purple touch

¨white peach¨ for 1 ,¨delectable¨ for 2 ,¨talk derby to me¨in 3, 
¨tempting¨4 and ¨peach pit¨ as 5.

To get your hands on a palette too klick here
 It is also available in some Sephora and Ulta stores.

If you get your own palette or create any of the looks make sure to tweet them to me @aquaross or tag me on Instagram (@ aquaross too), I'd love to see which looks you come
 up with.

Once again I hope you're enjoying the day with your loved ones and are having lots of fun.

Have a great day
xoxo Aquaross

Copyright: All pictures included are mine and shall only be used with permission.

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