Sunday, January 1, 2017

Bye 2016 / 2017 bring it on!

Hello, beautiful people of the internet.
Here we are again, there are only a few hours of 2016 left.
2017 is starting so close I haven't even realized it yet. This year has been the shit·ti·est  and most amazing year in a long time. The downs were so deep down I'm sure they touched the center of our planet and the ups reached far over the sky. So much stuff happened, from traveling over to my graduation, my exchange year and lots more. I feel like this year was when I got to express myself the best, I started showing my inside-outside ( sounds awfully cheesy I know), I started expressing my feelings, sharing my opinions and standing up for what I believe in ( trust me it was scary as hell). Some months were rough and asked for lots of patience, thinking, and decisions to make. It's the year I stopped giving a schnitzel about society. But it wasn't all bad, I got to meet so many new people and learn tons of new things. And now I'm here in the US living what I always dreamed of. I was blessed this year, I received more than I could ever imagine and I'm not talking about materialistic stuff. Grateful is not a big enough word that describes how I feel about everything that I got to be part of. Like many other people I have new years resolutions too although mine is not defined, I don' have anything settled because I find myself more relaxed when I don't have definitive plans. I still have goals which I hope to achieve but lving the moment comes first to me. So let's wrapp this year up and slide into ( not the dms) but 2017. I whish you all have an amazing celebration or even if you odn't celebrate , a relaxing evening. May 2017 be another interesting year

xoxo Aquaross

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