Sunday, November 13, 2016

Aquaross meets US // EF Welcome Days

Hello, beautiful people of the internet.
Time has ben going so fast and I've ben in the US for 82 days already!
This is crazy, it feels like yesterday when I was sitting in my room in Switzerland packing my bags.
Today I'm going to tell you about my time at the EF Welcome days.

Welcome days

With EF I got the chance to spend a few days in New York before coming to Michigan, we did some sightseeing and many activities.On the 24th August, I flew from Z├╝rich to JFK NY. The about 14h flight sounds long but I got to meet other exchange students that I now consider my friends. Since we were kind of trapped in that plane we ended up talking and getting to know each other ( and doing yoga, playing this or that and jamming out to some great songs). Once in NY, we got picked up by the EF bus that brought us to campus ( about 1.5h bus ride). Then we got our rooms and the jetlag started hitting everybody :). Anyway, we managed to keep ourselves awake until dinner at 5 that time it was 11 pm. back home. I didn't do much that evening, we watched a movie and hopped into bed. The next morning we had a delicious American style breakfast. All exchange students got split up into groups, one group for each state. Since I'm in Michigan I was part of Eric's (our group leader) group. That day we went over more rules and tips for living in the US and did some ''getting to know each other games'' too. In the afternoon, there was information about the next day and after that, we were basically free. My friends and I had dinner and went outside where we hung out with some Spanish exchange students. It got d dark so we went back in where there was currently karaoke playing and of course, we had to be part of that. This day we went to NYC for some sightseeing and shopping. Starting at the Central Park we visited Fifth Avenue, Rockefeller Center, the Empire State Building and Time Square. We came back in the afternoon and everyone got ready for our last evening. Lucky us we got to have a bbq with hamburgers and more delicious food ( the vegetarian burger was awesome too). Every group met up one last time and we got our flight information for the next day and took group pictures. EF was nice enough to let us have the last evening party with lots of dancing, singing, and snacks. Then after jumping around for hours it was time to say goodbye.Like always I was super dramatic about it again. The ''party'' was over at about 9 pm and I got woken up at 2.30am in the middle of the night to take off. I was lucky enough to be on the same bus as my friends but once we arrived at the airport everything went so fast leaving no time to say goodbye. I went inside and guess what ?! my suitcase was overweight, what a surprise, not really hahaha. Then I found out that my flight got canceled so I had to rebook a new one, the EF stuff basically did all of the work for me from getting me the ticket to informing my host family. My new flight was scheduled earlier which didn't bother me at all. I had one stop in Detroit and landed in Saginaw at 9.45. My host family waited there for me, I got a welcome poster, we grabbed my luggage and went to an American breakfast place where I had french toast for the first time. These days have ben incredible I enjoyed very second of it. I'm proud that I mad the decision and signed up for my exchange year and I don't regret it at all.EF was is the right thing for me and I'm excited for more adventures to come during this year.

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have a great week
xoxo Aquaross

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