Sunday, August 14, 2016

Aquaross meets US : introduction

Hello beautiful people of the internet

A lot of you don't know this but in 10 days I will start my exchange year and I'm going to Sanford, Michigan ( wohooo:).I was thinking you might enjoy me talking about it and documenting so you get to see my experiences .Since my blog isn't only about my time in the US I will mark all the exchange stuff with the caption ,, Aquaross meets US". So stay tuned and get ready for some real exchange student life action.

For today I will give you an introduction
 so here we go. 

 The company I'm doing my exchange with is EF. I'm going to live with a host family and attend a public high school. Now let me talk about what happened since I started being part of the program,I singed up and got invited to an information meeting, after the presentation I had an interview where they asked me questions like ,,why is this exchange important for you '' etc , and I had to do a super easy English exam. A few days later they called me saying I was accepted to the program.The same week I got a letter and a map from them with stuff I had to fill out on the internet & on paper. Applying for a visa was interesting, my appointment at the embassy was really early in the morning and I was so nervous . It turned out to be super easy and after 30 minutes I was out again. My visa came with the post , they put it directly inside my passport which I had to leave there at the appointment. Very soon I'm going to fly to New York to be part of the welcome days (24th August), the welcome days are like a short camp on a campus where many exchangestudnets get together and learn more about america and how to live there. We will also go on a trip to Manhattan, the EF stuff has planned this and many other fun activities for us. I'm currently planning the packing and starting with the whole saying goodbye thing. Today I had my goodbye party with some family members and next sunday there will be the one with my friends.

Stay tuned for my next post .

xoxo Aquaross

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