Saturday, June 4, 2016

The nike's on board

Hello beautiful people of the Internet .

So you probably all know about the nike hype that has been around for a few years now. Well I honestly have to say I only own one pair of sneakers and they are my adidas rose gold tip ones. 
Recently I was thinking about getting some nikes. The question is which pair ?.
 I looked at all the fancy patterns and colors but none of them really caught my eye so I decided to get some in white which btw is my fav color. I often have a really nice outfit but no shoes that go well with it and that means it's time for THE WHITE NIKES to change that.I went to the nike store in Basel and looked around, happiness was visible on my face as I finally found these. They are nike roshe one's and all I want in a pair of sneakers. Long story short I'm in love with them.
 They feel like a little soft, white cloud that covers your feet.
Maybe I will get another pair in a more colorful version you never know.
I've been wearing these goodies for a around one month now and white is always a difficult color for shoes because they get dirty so easily, if I want my nikes to be clean again I just throw them in the washing machine for 30 minutes and boom clean and shine white shoes. 
For all you people that don't own any nikes, try some on and you will see it's worth the money, these actually weren't expensive at all.

If you want to check out nike's online shop click here :

btw I'm a size 38

I wish you a great sunday.

lot's of love

xoxo Aquaross

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