Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Róka fashion // fight against

Hello beautiful people of the internet.
Today I want to introduce this company to you. 
They are called Róka fashion and make vegan, fairtrade and handmade clothing and accessories.
I came across Róka through a instagram post of another blogger.
 I immediately took a look and there website and fell in love with this shirt, it's a white and light pink baseball shirt made out of 100% organic cotton so it's super soft and wonderful on the skin.
 I wear it with leggings and sometimes with jeans it's amazing for rainy sundays or even for working out what I've been enjoying a lot lately.
 (also works perfectly as loungewear)
. I find it interesting to see people's reactions to my shirt. 
I always wonder if they think about what there's written on it throughout their day.
 People don't think about serious issues enough, many of us get insulted for being ourselves and having an opinion.
 Society has strict expectations of how people have to be ,who and how they should love, what they should eat, how people should look like etc.
 I dream of a world where every single person can be themselves and totally free, a world where we don't have to feel ashamed because we are different and a world in which people don't have to be in constant fear.
 We should ,,fight against'' more, stand up for what we think and try to make this world a better place to live.

The Logo is just over the moon adorable.

I got the chance to talk to the owner of Róka fashion, 
she is called Christina ,an amazingly creative person with great ideas.
Check out their website for this and more adorable items ( for men, women and kids !)

 Surprise surprise surprise !!!!!! to get 10% of your next purchase 
at use the code : !RFC-AUR-OST!.
I'm sure you'll find something that you love, but hurry beauties the code is only working until the end of August.

Since I've been following a vegetarian diet for almost 8 years now this shirt and the Róka philosophie also kinda represents my lifestyle.  

Btw go follow them on
for more Róka magic.

In addition to my shirt I got these two cute postcards, one saying ,,quick brown fox jumps over the hunter''and another one saying ''vegetables are my meat''.

And I even got these two stickers one with their fox logo and one with the ,,fight against'' print.

Have a great day
xoxo Aquaross.

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