Sunday, April 17, 2016

Pinks and crystals at Nives Arrigoni's blogger workshop

Hello beautiful people of the internet 

Last week I went to Zürich to be part of Nives Arrigoni's blogger workshop at the fashionhotel.
We were a pretty mixed group , there were other bloggers and people who just liked to hear more about blogging. Nives told us many useful things & tips on how to make our blogs more appealing. Then we went out to take some pictures with cameras which Olympus generously let us try out . The bernhard theater made was a perfect background. With our cameras and our on fleek outfits we took a lot of lovely pictures. In the end we even made a work work work shop snap over on Nives's snapchat . I had such a great time . Thank you to Nives and the fashionhotel for this amazing afternoon and to olympus for letting us try out there great cameras .

Now to the outfit I wore:

I wanted something cute but still presentable.
The combination of the baby pink and the black goes really well with the accessories.

Btw , I bought this crystal necklace on my way to the workshop when I got lost :)

Dress: tally weijl
Shoes: ovs
Necklace: supermauro
Bag and cardigan: H&M

More Pictures 

Snapchat: marasaintcuya

Olympus: (website here)

Fashionhotel Zürich:

Have a great day 
xoxo Aquaross

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