Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Happy easter 2016

Hello beautiful people of the internet 

It was easter on Sunday and today I want to tell you how I spend my day , I woke up early at about 9am then I took a shower and went downstairs, there was a yummy breakfast waiting for me , thank u mom . At 11am we went to church. For lunch we went to a restaurant in our little village called ,,Pöstli" , I had a mozzarella & tomatoes with rucola salad as my appetizer. Then a creamy mushroom risotto made his way to my place and for dessert I ended my lunch with some pistachio ice cream. With full tummies we went home and watched some easter movie, and yeah that was pretty much my Easter Sunday, how did you spend yours ? leave a comment down below and tell me what you did. 

btw, this is one of my favorite easter chocolate bunny from Lindt(find out more here)

Happy Easter 

have a great week
xoxo aquaross   

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