Monday, March 14, 2016

DM haul + new shoes

Hello beautiful people of the internet.

today I went to Germany with my dad and brother to do a little bit of shopping.
We went to a store called DM which sells all cosmetic stuff .
I bought a few things , and I also got a new pair of shoes from a store in the same mall.
Here is was I got :)


1.The first things I got were these two spray-shampoos from ''bilou'' , a brand from a German youtuber.
I'm not really into her videos but I heard a lot about these products so let's give them a try and see how good they are.

2. I really needed some shower gel for my dad's place so I chose this lime and aloe vera one.It smells nice and does the job.

3. Next are these two essie nail polishes , in Switzerland they are way to expensive but in Germany I got a great deal on them , 7 euros each. 

link to the nailpolish here 

 I chose the colors big spender (left) and eternal optimist (right).

the darker one here

4. I recently ben drinking a lot of green tea , so I bought more of it. 
this one is from ''Alnatura''.

5. Since I don't want to take all the skin care stuff with me when I sleep at my dad's place , I got some makeup remover wipes , just so I can at least take of that makeup after a long day.
These are some bebe ones.

6. I already have five eos's but because they were so cheap there I couldn't resist, so I picked up this raspberry one.

7. I've been looking for these everywhere for so long, the products are bit on the pricier side but what I heard and how they look like ,I think they will work great.
And can we just take a moment to look at ogx's satisfying packaging (* deep breath*).

these are from the coconut water line.

and I also bought the argan oil /morocco shampoo and conditioner. 

New shoes

While we were walking around in the mall , I came across this tiny shoe store from the outside it didn't seem really special but inside they were so many beautiful shoes at pretty cheap prices. I saw these brown boots and they fit perfectly, that small but still eye catching heal gives an elegant look, and they are comfortable too so that always a plus.

mine are a size 38.

So that's all I got that day, I hope you enjoyed this post.
Thank you for spending a bit of time with me and have a great week.
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xoxo Aquaross

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