Monday, February 1, 2016

January LUSH favorites

Hello beautiful people of the Internet.

I hope you're all having a good day.

It's February, like wait what?!? yes, January's over again.
Today I want to talk about my LUSH favorites for the past month.
I always was really addicted to there products and philosophy.
And as usual there are some goodies that I love to much to not talk about them.
So here they are my top 2 products of January :

1. The Mint Julips lip scrub.

This lip scrub tastes like you're at the beach drinking a refreshing minty drink with cold ice and some small sugar pieces on the edge of your glass, while the sun is shining on you and you feel like you're in heaven. Mint is my favorite scent, so every time I see something with it inside I'm like ,, I need you! come to here!''.The consistence is very strange and I can't really describe it but usually I apply it with my fingers and scrub it all over my lips. After one minute I either lick it away or swipe it with a piece of paper. I make sure my lips are fully clean and put a lip balm on top. So there you have it ! beautiful, soft and healthy lips. This is especially good for those colder days we're having right now :)

2. The No Drought dry shampoo. 

So once there was this little magical thing called dry shampoo which saved the lives of many girls and their greasy hair.Cause let's be real here, are you looking forward to wash your hair every time you see some oils in it , I know I'm not so let's talk about my favorite dry shampoo of the moment.

Well first I was a bit sceptical about this dry shampoo cause it really needs some practice to apply without making a giant mess. It's been sitting on my vanity for a long time but and I've never really had the patience to try to make it work,
But then I started using it and trying different techniques , in the end I found the one that works the best for me . I first brush my hair then I put the powder in my hands and lightly sprinkle some on top of my head , then I massage the rest in with my fingers. After that you will still be left with a layer of dry shampoo on your scalp. I take my brush and try to get as much of it away of as I can, I massage again until everything feels nice and cleans. I do this before going to bed so it can absorb the oils during the night.

These we're my top two LUSH products of the month I hope you liked it and make sure to check out the new post about my exchange year.

Have a great day 
xoxo Aquaross.

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  1. I love the The Mint Julips Lip Scrub! I have such dehydrated skin including my lips and this makes wearing lipstick actually possible! Love a lush product! I've never tried their dry shampoo but all my friends at home do and they rave about it! xx