Sunday, January 3, 2016

New In : Princely London // Shopper Beverly

Hello beautiful people of the Internet,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to everyone.

After a long time I'm back with a new blogpost.
As I was doing a little bit of online shopping not long ago, I came across this brand   ,,Princely London'' which was new to me.
The first thing I've noticed was, that they have a gorgeous website and only two shapes of bags , what I really liked. So because they didn't have such a confusing amount of different ones , I immediately fell in love with the Shopper Beverly in the color ,,Nude''.I ordered it and after a week the little magical package was in front of my house door.

Now to the bag, It is a medium sized bag, has 2 open compartments, 2 zipper compartments and four metal feet so it doesn't get dirty when you put it down. The color is a pinkish nude ( also available in other colors) that you can perfectly combine with probably every other color on earth. I love the bag because it fits a lot of stuff , I use it for school as well as for other days. It is a nice accessory that touches up every outfit.

The elegant look makes it seem like a really expensive bag , when in reality it's actually pretty cheap for how it's made and how it looks like.
If you're looking for an everyday bag with a classy look , on which you don't have to spend a whole wedding, then this is a really good option.
To be honest I use it everyday and it's one of my favorite bag I own.

So if you like to get your own one, you can buy it here :
Princely London Shopper Beverly ,,Nude''

Have a great week and I wish you a lot of luck with all of your new year's resolutions for 


xoxo Aquaross


  1. do the shoulder straps stay on your shoulder? and are they comfortable to wear? they seem narrow to me. thank you for the info :-)

  2. @Frauke Wald I've had this Bag for almost year now and it's been everywhere. I used it for traveling quite a bit. The straps are super comfortable and stay on way better compared to similar shoppers.There's a good amount of stace in between the bag and arm and they are adjustable too . I wore it over a winter jacket and that worked perfectly fine. Hope I could help xoxo Aquaross