Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Aquaross's Berry Froyo

Hello beautiful people of the internet

so summer is here and I have 6 weeks of summer break.
lately I decided to get healthier and be more active.
But let's be real , what's the first thing that pops into our mind when you think of summer?
of course , ice cream and that doesn't really help if you're trying to loos weight.
Now because  summer wouldn't be great without ice cream I want to share my super delicious (healthy) 5minutes5ingredients froyo recipe with you.

Aquaross's berry froyo

Ingredients :

1 cup greek yogurt
2 cups frozen berries
( I used mixed ones but you can take any other frozen berrys)
1 tablespoon of honey 
a pinch of salt and a pinch of cinnamon

Step by step :

1. put everything in a blender

2. fill it in a bowl if you want you can add a few berries on top

3. enjoy 

It's literally to easy to be true ;)

leave me a comment down below what your summer plans are
and if you try my froyo hashtag it with #aquaross'sfroyo
so I can see your photos and like them 

I wish you all a great day and an amazing summer

smile , laugh and be happy

xoxo Aquaross

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