Sunday, April 26, 2015

Liebster Award

Hello beautiful people of the internet

A few weeks ago I was nominated by Pretty little Luna ( thank you for nominating me)

to do the ''Liebster Award''.
Today I finally had time to answer the questions, so let's get started.

1. Have you ever lied about your age? When and Why?

Ok this is so embarrassing . So one year ago I went to Italy with my father , we spend our holidays in this super small town called ''Rocca Sicura''. Well I have a really good friend there and when she showed me here friends they where all older then me and we started talking and they asked for my age and I was like ''aahh'' what should I say because I didn't want to be like the young one in the group so yes i lied about my age

2. What is your dream Job

I know every girl says that she wants to be a fashion designer but it really is my dream job it is just what I want to be as a grown up , I think it is so interesting to work whit all this colors and patterns.

3. If you were to go live abroad what would you miss the most?

Probably my friends and family because there's nothing better then having a good time with your best friends.

4.How old were you at your first kiss?

14 :)

5. Have you ever met a celebrity?

Well I have been to some concerts like Katy Perry , Robbie Williams etc.
But I didn't actually met them.

6. Would you move into a apartment with your bestfriend? If not why?

Definitely yes, I think it would be awesome , also because she's a little bit messy and I love to keep everything nice and organized so I would have a lot to do. for my opinion organizing rooms is just the satisfaction of live .

7. What do you like better, Citytrips or beach holidays?

Uhh this is so difficult I can't decide , but I would probably go with Citytrips.

8. Who are your blogger-role models?

I don't really have some but lately I'm inspired by Essie Button .
Go check here out, here Blog it just perfection : essie button

9. Can you live without your smartphone?

No way , my phone is my everything.

10.What do you find best, iPhone, Samsung or Sony?

I phone , I have a white I phone 4 

11. What is on the top of your wishlist?

The Clarisonic , i really want one

So this where all the questions , it was really nice to do this.

Hope you like it

My Questions:

1. What's in your carry on makeup bag?

2. Are you a coffee or tea person?

3. What is your favorite skincare product?

4. Which bag would you never give away?

5. What's your favorite thing to eat while you're watching a movie?

6. Where would you go if you had to escape for one year

7. How would you call your makeup range?

8. What's your go to body spray?

9. Where are you right now?

10. If you had to chose only one thing that you can bring with you on a road trip, what would it be

11. What's your favorite book at the moment?

Now on to the rules :

·                     You must link back to the person who nominated you.
·                     Answer my 11 questions.
·                     Choose  blogs, which you want to nominate next.
·                     Make up your own questions, which you want to be answered by your nominees.
·                     Leave me a comment, if you have done your blogpost.

I nominate :

Have a great day 

xoxo Aquaross

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