Sunday, March 8, 2015

My Life

Hello beautiful people of the Internet :)

So today I want to talk about my life . So where should I start?

I was born on the 2nd march 2001, that means that I'm 14 now.

I have a little brother , a dog , a rabbit and amazing parents.

I grew up in Switzerland and that is also where I started to go to school after Kindergarten.

In 4th grade i decided to go to an extra English school once a week to learn this language. 

After four years of english school and three Cambridge english exams I felt really good because I was happy to have some kind of certificate in my hands.

At the beginning of 5th grade I had some problems with my primary school teacher. 

The problems became bigger and I reached the point where I didn't want to go too school anymore. 
So after thinking a lot i decided to go to a private school for the the rest of 5th grade.

 I had the best time of my live in this private school ,but when I came in 6th grade i didn't knew any of the kids in my class and I was really scared.

I didn't feel really comfortable in my own skin and I wasn't self-confident at all. 

At that moment I said to myself : I have to find new friends and not be scared anymore because if people don't like me it isn't my problem, as long as I like myself.

 After a while I found three amazing,beautiful and funny people which became my best friends.
With my best friends, a lot of self-confidence and new energy I started a new lifestyle.

 At the moment I'm on the internet with Instagram,Twitter and my Blog a lot,
I love to watch,listen to and read about what other people enjoy doing.

I'm happy to live my life and to be on this planet which has bad and good parts.

I like how I am and how others are, and I respect everyone else because it is ok to be different. 

God has given us two hands, one to receive with and the other to give with.

Thank you for your support , you guys are amazing.

Xoxo Aquaross

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